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Welcome to NUX DISCOVER Accreditation & Publishing Platform. NUX DISCOVER is an interactive Web Application that allows students and lecturers upload scholarly articles and projects on a secured and robust platform for increased global visibility and digitizing purposes. The platform also provides an “Ideas market” place where real investors search out promising projects and partner with individuals and institutions to nurture, develop the ideas presented in the projects. NUX DISCOVER bridges the gap between ideas and a marketable product, while you retain all rights to your materials.

  • Secure, robust, scalable, flexible with a easy to use graphical user interface.
  • Dynamic and unlimited storage space.
  • Fast and accurate with 100% retainment of intellectual property.

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A learning platform to foster growth and development in Nigeria and beyond.

We are the first collaborative online repository for research documents, articles and thesis from over 100 participating universities and partners with rech still expanding... view more


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It is safe, secure and creates better visibility for your project ideas.

NUX Discover allows investors discover you and your project ideas while ensuring your rights and priviledges are not violated. We are seeking to create a digital library of project ideas... view more

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